Freediving Courses

NAUI offers the most cutting-edge and safest training standards in the sport. NAUI Freediver training teaches the techniques to allow you to comfortably enjoy the underwater world and improve your breath-holding ability.

Given its commitment to quality instruction, NAUI ensures students receive the best and safest freediving instruction available.


When it comes to training, experience counts! As one of the oldest and most respected scuba certifying agencies in the world, NAUI has long been recognized as the leader in diver training, offering both skin diving and scuba diving courses to the general public since 1960.

In 2015, NAUI began utilizing Performance Freediving International (PFI)-certified standards to offer freediving training courses to a growing audience of freediving enthusiasts and competitors. PFI's safety and instructional standards allowed NAUI to form a strong NAUI Freediving program committed to providing the best training available.

Because individuals have different levels of ability and interest, NAUI offers a variety of training programs at all levels to include recreational and competitive training goals. All NAUI freediving courses are taught by certified instructors trained to the highest standards. To learn more, visit specific course pages for additional information. Be sure to visit our Events page for a full listing of NAUI Freediving Instructor Workshops being held.

For information about the NAUI Freediving program and training events, contact the Training Department at



Featured Courses

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    This entry-level program is designed to educate snorkelers on the skills and knowledge to safely observe underwater attractions from or near the surface of the water.

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    Safe Buddy

    The Safe Buddy program is designed to train uncertified freedivers, and other aquatic enthusiasts, in the safety and rescue techniques necessary act as a safe buddy for breath-holding activities.

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    The Freediver course educates divers on the skills, safety and problem management to allow you to comfortably enjoy the underwater world and improve your breath-holding techniques.

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    Freediving Specialties

    Take your freediving experiences to a whole new level in a Freediving Specialty program. Each course focuses on the specific skills and knowledge needed to safely increase your adaptation and performance underwater.