Specialty Diver Courses

NAUI training continues far beyond the basics! NAUI Instructors teach a wide range of specialized types of diving. Courses include underwater archaeology, rescue training, night diving, deep diving, digital imaging, search & recovery, public safety diving, and much more. Just about any area of underwater interest is taught in a NAUI Specialty course. Join the fun and continue diving today!


Featured Courses

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    Night Diver

    If you’re like most divers, you’ll love exploring at night even more than during the daylight.

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    Deep Diver

    Gain the knowledge and skills to plan and make enjoyable deep dives while minimizing risks of deep diving.

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    Underwater Imaging

    Enroll in a NAUI Underwater Photographer or NAUI Underwater Videographer course today and begin taking home more than just sea stories to share with your friends and family!

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    Training Assistant

    If you possess the desire to assist in the training of other divers, a NAUI Training Assistant specialty course might be for you.

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    Public Safety Diver

    The fundamental skills needed by Public Safety Divers during underwater search, rescue and recovery operations.

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    Continue Learning

    If you want to learn how to do it underwater, there is a NAUI Instructor ready to help you move to the level.