Logo Policy


NAUI has long had established branding guidelines, and adherence to these guidelines is imperative to communicate an enterprise brand approach. NAUI's objectives in relation to corporate identity management are:

  • Foster a sense of individuality.
  • Achieve differentiation in a competitive environment.
  • Provide disciplinary integration.
  • Provide a platform for coherent corporate communication.
  • Nurture an image that is consistent with NAUI's defining ethos and character.
  • Nurture understanding and commitment among stakeholders.
  • Attract and retain customers and employees.
  • Achieve strategic alliances.
  • Support of financial markets.

To achieve the above objectives, the following enterprise brand guidelines are provided for use by NAUI facilities and members.

NAUI Logo Policy

Use of the acronym/trade name NAUI, the NAUI Trademarks “NAUI” and “NAUI Worldwide” by NAUI members and facilities is subject to the following conditions:

  • The acronym NAUI shall not be used as part of website URLs or in email addresses, such as NAUInstructor.com, nauicareer.com, nauimember@earthlink.net or other variations.
  • With the exception of NAUI Service Centers or “Official” Regional Representatives, the word “member” must appear under the trademark(s) and/or trade name(s). The NAUI trademark(s) and/or trade name(s) shall be reproduced as received from NAUI without alteration except for sizing. It may not be used within or as a part of any other symbol or mark.
  • NAUI trademark(s) and/or trade name(s) shall be used by members in correspondence, printed materials or electronic media only to market or promote NAUI courses or programs.
  • NAUI trademark(s) and/or trade name(s) shall not be used as part of the sale or manufacture of goods without written authorization from NAUI Headquarters.
  • Use of the trademark(s) on the World Wide Web or other electronic services (including social media platforms) requires a URL link to the NAUI website or official NAUI social media platform equivalent. Such use shall contain written acknowledgment of sole and exclusive ownership by NAUI.
  • NAUI may withdraw trademark(s) and/or trade name(s) user permission at any time.
  • Misuse of the NAUI trademark(s) and/or trade name(s) violates the NAUI Code of Ethics.

Web/Social Media Usages

The following details the guidelines for the use of NAUI logos, trademarks, tag lines (including "NAUI," "NAUI Worldwide," "NAUI: The Definition of Diving," NAUI: Where Leaders Dive," "NAUI: Changing the Way the World Dives" or others that might be trademarked in the future), including, but not limited to, print applications and for use on the World Wide Web, social media platforms, or smart phone applications by NAUI members and registered customers (Affiliate Members) is subject to the following conditions:

  1. Required Text
    The NAUI logo must always be accompanied by clearly visible text explaining its usage. The text may be displayed either to the left or right of the logo or directly underneath the logo. For websites making use of NAUI logos, the required text is: "Click on the NAUI logo to visit the official site". NAUI Members must meet all published NAUI Member Trademarks and Logo Usage policies. NAUI Banner Ads do not require additional text. See below for a sample of the NAUI Logo Usage and a sample of the NAUI BannerUsage.
  2. Required Logo
    For Internet websites or social media platforms making mention or display of or using the name NAUI or National Association of Underwater Instructors, an approved logo must be displayed in accordance with these guidelines.
  3. Approved Logo
    Only the logos approved by NAUI for use on the internet/World Wide Web/social media platforms may be used (see below). The logos may not be displayed smaller than the original size, as are being provided from this site or directly from NAUI Worldwide or its subsidiary companies for use on the internet/World Wide Web. The logos may be displayed at a larger size, but all elements of the logo must proportionally increase in size. Banner ads must link to the appropriate website and do not require additional text.
  4. Required Placement
    The logo must always be placed in a prominent spot on an internet/website/social media platform and must always stand alone, not be combined with any other graphical elements. Required text must also always appear.
  5. No Alteration Allowed
    The NAUI logo must not be altered in ANY way. No changes are allowed in terms of proportion, color or fonts; size; or otherwise altered from the version supplied by NAUI or its subsidiary companies.
  6. Positive Presentation
    The site must display the NAUI logo in a positive manner. The logo may not be used to depict NAUI and/or any of its members, services, products or affiliates in any negative way. The trademark(s) and logo(s) may not be used on "adult" or other inappropriate sites or those sites that promote or portray discriminatory practices against any individual or group based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background, etc.
  7. Alternate Text for Images (the ALT tag)
    The Alternate Text tag for the image (ALT) may only include a reference to NAUI, NAUI Worldwide, NAUI Logo or similar. The ALT tag may not include text about another company, text for advertising, derogatory terms, or otherwise. The preferred tag for the NAUI Website is ALT="Click Here to Visit the Official NAUI Website".

Apparel & Merchandise Opportunities

Occasionally members are interested in using the NAUI logo or other brand trademarks to produce their own attire or merchandise. Options include the purchase and use of NAUI branded apparel and merchandise for co-branding opportunities or application requesting permission to use the NAUI logo or trademarks separately. All NAUI logos appearing on merchandise and apparel must have the ® and/or ™ symbol. Prior authorization is required and must be obtained before producing or releasing any such product. Licensing fees apply. For complete details, please contact NAUI.

Our goal is to increase awareness and create "NAUI.ORG" as a powerful brand indicator. Our aim is to make online interaction with NAUI a great opportunity for the member audience to further engage with the NAUI brand.

The following information will assist with design and planning for any potential project using the NAUI Member logo or trademarks:

Pantone Colors

The following colors have been found to accurately match our primary brand colors:

  • Blues – 7687, 3145
  • Green – 348
  • Orange – 715
  • Yellow – 109
  • Red - 485


When adding text to the square logo, you just use Futura font, 24 pt. (Adjust tracking as necessary to fit.)

Changes to Policy Guidelines

NAUI reserves the right to change these guidelines solely at its own discretion. NAUI will provide 60 days electronic notice of these changes. Sixty (60) days following such notice, changes must be incorporated in any NAUI Logo usage.


NAUI reserves the right to immediately terminate permission to use its logos to anyone at any time. NAUI may visit participating sites to check on compliance to these guidelines. In addition, NAUI may terminate this entire NAUI Online Logo-use program with 60 days electronic notice.

Approved Images and Logos

NAUI SQUARE LOGO: The blue space below NAUI may be used to place NAUI Official Service Center Location, Facility Designation, Member Designation, or cropped to equal margins if no text is added.

NAUI WORD MARK or IMAGE: The word NAUI or the Diver and Sunrise can be used as a stand alone elements on merchandise.

NAUI BANNER IMAGE: The standard NAUI Worldwide and NAUI Worldwide (Dive Safety Through Education) Banner may only be used as they appear and with advanced approval from NAUI Headquarters. 

NAUI TECHNICAL BANNER IMAGE: The standard NAUI Technical Banner may only be used as it appears and with advanced approval from NAUI Headquarters.