NAUI Armed Forces Programs

DOD SkillBridge with NAUI

  • For Active-Duty Service Members
  • Opportunity to gain valuable dive experience, dive certifications, dive shop business mentoring and ultimately become a dive professional before transitioning from the military.
  • Learn and work at over 5000 facilities around the world while still receiving your military pay and benefits.
  • Utilize the GI Bill® while on SkillBridge to get reimbursed for your certifications and licenses, become a licensed dive professional with no cost to you.
  • Already a Certified Dive Instructor? You can still participate in SkillBridge with NAUI as an instructor. If certified with another agency you may use your certification to crossover to a NAUI certification during SkillBridge.

Service Members have been placed all over the world in the SkillBridge Program

• Austria • Cyprus • Hawaii • Honduras • Japan • Mexico • United Kingdom • United States • 

Interested? Check out the complete details and apply below!

GI Bill® Reimbursement

  • For Veterans and Active-Duty Service Members.
  • Use either the Post 9/11 or the Montgomery GI Bill® to get reimbursed for NAUI certifications and licenses.
  • Progress from no diving experience to becoming a NAUI Professional Instructor by only using six months of GI Bill® benefits or earn the certifications you want to recreationally dive.
  • NAUI approved VA training and testing centers are available across the United States.
  • It’s easy to get started, check out the GI Bill® reimbursement details below.