Environmental Impact

Removes 5 pounds
of trash from
the ocean

Made from
Ocean Plastic

Recycled material
verified by 
GreenCircle Certified


Every bracelet purchase contributes $3 to NAUI's Diversity Scholarship, supporting divers
from historically marginalized communities in achieving their NAUI Instructor Certification.


Conservation isn’t just a concept; it’s a call to action.

And community isn’t merely about coming together; it’s about joining forces for the greater good.

NAUI is committed – to the oceans, to marine life, to responsible diving, and to education. Our dive into conservation continues, and with each endeavor, we forge a stronger, more inclusive community. After all, every piece of trash collected is a victory, and every bracelet purchased is a pledge – to the oceans and the future we share.


The Power of Divers in Ocean Conservation

Divers aren't just visitors to the ocean; we're ambassadors.
With every dive, they witness firsthand the beauty

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