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August 26, 2016

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"Just wanted to say a big thank you to TJ and Garrett on a fabulous job with the nieces and nephews I placed in their custody last week. What a wonderful experience these young people had . Ages 12-16 TJ, you did it again as this is 8 divers you have trained and certified for me. Garrett was their main instructor in the water while TJ covered all the class work. Their willingness to assist with scheduling etc. was above the call. Michael really appreciated it. Since the open water dive, these kids have done nothing but talk about what they saw and are looking forward to future dives with OFF THE WALL!! As with their excitement coming home from West Palm Beach, they were definitely OFF THE WALL! You have instilled another adventure in their lives, and they are now thinking career as Evan says he was born to do this. As he is a Tennessee born and bread boy, he is thinking Florida, even though it was extremely hot, is a cool place to go and looks forward to seeing more wrecks and the Keys. The girls are also planning big things. A great eye opening experience that I have and will continue to support. Thanks TJ and Garrett for giving these kids a great time but more so for the memories. See you on the next step…"
TJ and Garrett at Off the Wall Outdoor Adventures