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NAUI Intro to Tech (Dec 3 - 4)

Dec 3
Dec 4

About The Event

NAUI Introduction to Technical Diving

Technical diving is considerably more than wearing a lot of scuba gear and jumping off a boat. The NAUI Introduction to Technical Diving Course will prepare for the rigors of technical diving and the challenges that lie ahead. Upon Successful completion you will be prepared for your next step in your NAUI Technical journey such as the NAUI Decompression Techniques course.


During the course you will learn:

  • Diving as a unified team
  • Detailed dive planning
  • Contingency planning
  • Decompression theory
  • NTEC – equipment configuration
  • And more!


Your observation skills and “big picture” thinking will be put to the test.

This is an equipment intensive course, but that is only part of it. We recommend you do not purchase equipment without first consulting with your Instructor. Candidates are required to provide all their own equipment, as per NAUI Standards, suitable for local diving and this course. You will also need the NAUI Technical Diver textbook.

Contact your instructor for a detailed equipment list for the course and information regarding the course fee. You will also need to provide all transportation, meals, lodging, entrance fees and related expenses.


Course dates : December 3 & 4 in-water work


Course will be taught by experienced technical diver and NAUI Technical Instructor, Jeff Heim NAUI 10880L.


Contact information to register for the course or for more details:
484-894-7958 (cell)