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Italian Freediving Leadership Workshop (May 18-24)

May 18
May 24

Isle of Capri, Italy

About The Event



This workshop is for Individuals who wish to earn the designation as a freediver or membership type of NAUI Freediving instructor or Intermediate Freediving Instructor. This course is physically demanding and requires that all participants be skilled freedivers ready to share their knowledge.

Learn to lead the intricate skills required to mitigate risks involved in freediving.

Prerequisite and performance requirements:

Consult the current standards and policy manual to ensure you meet all prerequisites for the courses which you are enrolling in.

Required Equipment:

  • Low volume mask

  • Freediving fins

  • Snorkel (simple J-tube)

  • Appropriate wetsuit suitable for freediving and providing adequate buoyancy

  • Freediving weight belt with appropriate amount of ballast. The ballast system must provide positive buoyancy on the surface, slight positive at 5m (16 ft.) on a first-level exhalation, and neutral buoyancy at 10m (33 ft.).

  • If neck weights or weight harnesses are worn, they must not have more than 50% of the diver’s total weight.

  • A means to monitor depth and time. The minimum equipment is a watch and marked line.

  • Freediving professionals must wear a second timing device while leading all in-water portions of a course.

For more information or to sign up contact Antonio Arcucci at: