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Curso de Aperfeiçomento para Mergulhador de Segurança Pública (Aug 19-27)

Aug 19
Aug 27

Av. Pedro Blanco da Silva, 681 - Jardim Santa Adelaide, Jundiaí - SP, 13208-630, Brazil

About The Event

The intention of the NAUI Public Safety Diver course is to train divers in search and recovery techniques for objects and bodies in adverse environments and with zero visibility without losing forensic evidence or altering evidence. It also prepares them to carry out effective planning, mapping different locations, managing interviews with witnesses or relatives of victims, analyzing the risks of underwater workplaces, managing available resources, among other skills necessary as a member of a Diving Team of Public Security.

With a complete review of the main diving subjects, such as applied sciences, diving safety, diving tables, diving environment, natural and instrument guidance, deep diving, search and recovery techniques, diving without visibility and the subjects of mandatory rescue, as well as knowledge assessment. Specific PSD matters such as record keeping, risk management, synchronization with public security forces at the event location, meeting the needs of the Judiciary Police, preservation of crime scenes, use of underwater photography and sketches to record crime scenes , evidence collection, specialized equipment, among others, are also part of the program.

The practical activities will begin in confined waters and will end in the open water environment, in a quarry that offers ideal conditions for our training, including simulations in submerged vehicles. During the course, the candidate will alternate participation in different roles in a PSD team: Primary diver, Safety or support diver, 90% ready diver, Group supervisor, Cable assistant, Documentary filmmaker and Equipment technician. This course is aimed at any member of a public security force, at municipal, state or federal levels, members of the armed forces, or volunteers in rescue or civil defense actions.

For additional information or to register for the course contact Jornada at: or +55 11 94792-7744