Training Progression

NAUI has been committed to minimizing risk by maximizing education for over 55 years. As members successfully complete NAUI’s strenuous but rewarding programs, they are then granted the freedom to adapt their teaching methods to meet the independent and regional needs of each student during dive training.

Additionally, upon completion, members are better qualified to make sensible and more responsive decisions based on instinctual judgments regarding the level of risk inherent in all types of diving situations.

In the list below you'll discover the many fine programs offered by NAUI. Click on the course name for more information and some of the course prerequisites. For complete descriptions, prerequisites, course schedules and course fees, contact your local NAUI Dive Center or Professional.

The NAUI Progression of Training:

Note: Some courses have prerequisites. Please check with your NAUI Instructor to determine what those are for specific courses.