Since 1960, members of the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI Worldwide) have been training and developing the best divers in the world. Our motto is Dive Safety Through Education. As the dive industry’s leading Not-For-Profit training agency, NAUI Worldwide devotes its resources to providing you with a thorough educational experience at ALL levels of training, leaving you with the skill and confidence to provide a life-time of fun, excitement and adventure at any certification level – introductory, diver, specialty, technical, freediving, leadership.

  • Loved One Concept

    NAUI’s training is rooted in the premise of “Would I allow this person to teach or dive with someone I love?” So, whether it’s a NAUI Instructor or a NAUI Diver you know that their training is designed around the safety of your most valuable asset – your loved one.

  • Academic Freedom

    The high standards and expert knowledge required of all NAUI Instructors allows them the flexibility to develop training programs to meet the needs of their students. NAUI courses aren’t “cookie-cutter", or designed to follow a rigid academic and skills outline, they are tailored, innovative, entertaining and fun.

  • Safety Focused

    From NAUI’s alliance with Divers Alert Network (DAN), to its standards that provide some form of rescue training at every certification level, NAUI is committed to developing safe, knowledgeable and skilled divers.

  • Where Leaders Dive

    With NAUI you are trained to plan, develop, organize and lead your own dives from your very first course. There are no stipulations or caveats with NAUI certifications. Your training will provide you with the confidence, skills, knowledge and ability to independently dive with your dive buddy anywhere in the world.