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Technical Instructor and Instructor Requalification Workshop (Feb 26 - 28)

Feb 26
Feb 28

About The Event

  • Date: 2021 February 26 to 28, 8am to 5pm
  • Location: Fort White / High Springs, Florida
    • Conducted by the NAUI Training Department
  • Details:
    • This workshop is open to all NAUI Members interested in learning more about  NAUI Technical diving courses. The workshop will consist of a review of the revised course flow and standards followed by dive planning using the NAUI App and the ODIGTML dive planning method. Dive skill proficiency evaluations and demonstrations will be conducted in the open water and cave environments. The entire weekend will be host to a free exchange of ideas, tips, and tricks between NAUI Members.
    • For members wishing to earn additional Instructor authorizations, a fee of $295.00 is required and will be available in the NAUI store. This fee will include entry fees and course materials. Those who desire to earn a new authorization must recognize that NAUI Technical ratings are performance-based and all skills must be demonstration quality to obtain a new rating.
    • For existing NAUI Leaders not wishing to earn new authorizations, but network and take part in developing NAUI Technical procedures and Instructor Guides, there will be no charge.


Contact with questions and for registration.