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NAUI Freediving (November 8-9)

Nov 8
Nov 9

9030 Camden Field Pkwy, Riverview, FL 33578, United States

About The Event

Freediver November 8th through 9th

Primary Contact for questions about the course:

Description: This program teaches fundamental Freediving techniques for comfortable enjoyment in the aquatic world to depths of 20m / 66ft. You will also practice Static Apnea to develop your breath-holding abilities and in-water comfort.

Equipment required for class:

  • Mask & Snorkel
  • 2-3mm Socks & Long Fins
  • 3-5mm Open Cell Wetsuit
  • Rubber Weight Belt & Weights
  • Freedive computer or  depth & timing device 
  • 1.5-3mm Gloves (Optional)


  • Min. age of 16 (Junior cert for ages 10-15 years allowed) 
  • Competent swimming skills
  • NAUI Skin Diver or equivalent skills