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ITC NAUI Brazil (Dec 6-17)

Dec 6
Dec 17

About The Event

The training course for NAUI Instructors involves assessments of in-depth knowledge of theoretical subjects such as Physics, Physiology, Environment, Equipment, Rescue, Decompression Theories and NAUI and RGBM Tables, Nitrox, assessments of practical skills of free and autonomous diving, administrative, technical, ethical and, mainly, didactic matters, since one of the main objectives is to train the best diving teachers.


Practical assessments are usually done at the beginning of the program and consist of:

  • Free swimming: 400 meters in 9 minutes
  • Equipped swimming: 800 meters in 18 minutes
  • Freediving: 25 meters underwater (no mask or fins)
  • Survival Buoyancy: 15 minutes + 5 minutes (fists out of the water)
  • Minimum Skills: Exhaust mask 7 times with same breath, skindiving ditch & recovery, scuba ditch & recovery, bailout, bottom scuba swap (without mask and sharing air), swim 4 minutes sharing air with buddy, exercises of aquatic and underwater rescue, and review of all skills applied in a basic course.


On the other days, subjects related to didactics, ethics, standards, administrative and commercial and many others will be addressed. One of the key points of the ITC is in the system of presentation by the candidates, where, after learning about the theory of teaching and learning, they begin to be prepared for the theoretical classes, in confined waters and in open waters, using the most advanced techniques of teaching.


Specially prepared evaluators will guide candidates on the path to success, through the many theoretical presentations, in confined water and in open water, passing through course themes: Scuba Dive, Advanced Scuba Diver, Nitrox Diver, Rescue Diver, First Aid, Master Scuba Diver and Dive Master.


It is one of the best training programs for diving instructors in the world, highly qualified and prepared to meet the most demanding teaching methods, and consequently deliver a high capacity to train new divers.


MEDICAL EXAMINATION in standard NAUI form must be arranged in advance. RESCUE DIVER, FIRST AID, DIVE MASTER, and ID with PHOTO ID are also required in advance. Proof of experience (minimum of 120 dives) is also required.


Finally, bring your own complete diving equipment, including spool and safety tube (the decompression markers).


Period: December 6th to 17th, 2022

Location: Jundiaí SP – BRAZIL - with accommodation available at no additional cost (bed linen required)

Registration: fee of BRL 1,000.00 deducted from the total amount of the ITC

Installment of the remainder: in up to 10 installments on the credit card

The application for NAUI WW (Only after approval) costs US$280.00 and is paid by international credit card. It already counts as the 2023 annuity.


Request your registration form by watsapp (011)9413 70557