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Instructor Training Course

Jul 11
Jul 18

4265 Roosevelt Ave, Louisville, KY 40213

About The Event

Have you ever dreamed of making a career as a diver?  Are you ready to take the next step and become a NAUI Instructor. Louisville Dive Center is offering you that chance.  The Instructor Training Course is open to dive leaders from all training agencies and will provide you the tools to hone your personal skill, teach classes from Open Water through Divemaster. meet NAUI Headquarters staff, and provide insight into the business of diving.  This course is designed to prepare you to work as an instructor anywhere in the world, as a guide and instructor, shop owner, or independent instructor. 

Classes run from July 11 - 18, 2020, 8a.m. - 6p.m. 
Location: Louisville Dive Center - 4265 Roosevelt Ave, Louisville, KY 40213

    •    NAUI Divemaster or other agency leader
    •    Nitrox certification
    •    Current CPR, first aid, O2
    •    60 open water dives; 6m diving experience
    •    18 years of age or older
    •    Doctor’s signature in past 12 months (ask for form)
    •    Completion of eLearning and passing score on pre -test prior to start of course


• Candidates shall furnish and be responsible for the care and maintenance of their own diving equipment. The instructor shall initially assist candidates in checking all their gear to ensure it is adequate and in proper working order.

Medical Approval:

• Verification of good physical condition as documented by a medical examination and unconditional approval for diving by a licensed physician within the preceding 12 months. In no event will medical approval be accepted wherein the physician signing the certificate is the student.

E-Learning: (Access granted with Instructor Course Packet)

• Pre-Qualification Exam • All eLearning Topics
• Final eLearning Exam Instructor Course Packet- Provided by the instructor upon receipt of full payment.
• Instructor Course eLearning Code
• Leadership Folder
• Membership Application
• Course Evaluation Form
• Review Survey
• Medical Form
• Instructor Decal
• Instructor Certificate
• Instructor Emblem

Instruction by Instructor Trainer

Dive Safety
• Problem Solving
• How to Conduct Briefings
• How to Conduct Debriefings
• Diving First Aid
• Emergency Procedures
• Rescue Techniques

Orientation to NAUI

Teaching NAUI
• Continuing Education and Leadership Courses
• NAUI First Aid - Powered By DAN
• Nitrox Courses

Methods of Instruction -General
• Teaching Theory
• Teaching Methods
• Oral Communications

• Lesson Objectives
• Lesson Preparation
• Training Aids

-Confined Water
• Teaching Preparation
• Teaching Methods
• Evaluation Criteria

-Open Water
• Teaching Preparation
• Teaching Methods
• Evaluation Criteria

Business of Diving Instruction
• Fundamentals of Marketing
• Prospecting and Recruiting Students
• Organizing, Budgeting and Scheduling Courses
• Legal Aspects of Diving Instruction
• Instructor Ethics
• Fundamentals of Retailing Evaluation

• Any Skill From Any NAUI Course May Be Used To Qualify A NAUI Instructor Candidate By The Instructor Trainer

-Graded Classroom Teaching Presentations:
• Equipment
• Diving Physics
• Diving Physiology
• Dive Tables
• Diving Environments
• Calculation of Surface Air Consumption Rates
• Gas Laws
• Teaching Theory and Techniques
• Advanced Scuba Diver Presentation
• Rescue Scuba Diver Presentation
• Master Scuba Diver Presentation
• Nitrox Diver Presentation
• Dive Master Presentation
• Leadership

In Water Teaching Presentations:

Confined Water: A Minimum of Eight Graded Confined Water Teaching Presentation
• At Least Two Confined Water Briefings.
• At Least Two Snorkeling (Skin Diving) Skills
• At Least Four Scuba Diving Skills Including One Scuba Rescue Skill Presentation

Open Water: A Minimum of Ten Graded Training Presentations Over a Minimum
• Open Water Dive Briefings
• Open Water Dive Debriefings
• In-Water Teaching Presentations, One of Which Shall Be Related to Advanced, Master or Specialty Dive Activity

Final Instructor Knowledge Exam
250-question exam consisting of 10 separate sections. Each section of the exam must be passed with a minimum score of 80%. These examinations are administered closed book (except for the Standards and Policies/Risk Management exam and use of NAUI dive tables)

The Exams Are:
• Equipment
• Diving Physics
• Diving Physiology
• Decompression Theory (to include RGBM)
• Decompression table principals and use
• Standards and Policies/Risk Management
• Dive Rescue
• Nitrox
• Dive Skills and Practice

Certification Results
• NAUI Instructors have the knowledge, skills, fitness and proper attitude to do so.
• NAUI Instructor membership in any status provided for in the bylaws of the association.
• NAUI Instructor may independently teach NAUI sanctioned courses.
• NAUI Instructor may independently conduct NAUI recognition and experience programs.
• NAUI Instructor who are authorized by NAUI Training Department, can teach the NAUI First Aid – Powered by DAN provider courses.

For More Information on costs or to register, please contact Kenny Wheeler at or 502-210-9110