NAUI Dive Team

Become a lifelong, committed diver and support the vibrant dive industry!

  1. The NAUI Dive Team gives divers the opportunity to show commitment to NAUI before reaching the coveted Membership status.
  1. Divers gain access to NAUI’s diverse suite of resources and opportunities to continue their education and learning beyond the basics.
  1. NAUI Dive Team membership encourages divers to stay connected to other dedicated NAUI divers and the latest NAUI happenings.

NAUI Dive Team Member Benefits Include:

  • DIVE TEAM Member Card
  • Digital Subscription to Sources Magazine
  • NAUI Dive Decal
  • NAUI Pathway to Leadership Pamphlet
  • Access to NAUI Digital Dive Log (when launched)
  • NAUI DIVE TEAM Report- a monthly newsletter providing discounts and information on NAUI products, training and programs.
  • Plus, your NAUI DIVE TEAM membership results in a $10 tax-deductible donation, in your name, to the Green Diver Initiative!

ALL FOR ONLY $60 initial enrollment fee! (shipping not included)

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