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Green Diver Initiative P.A.C.T.

(Practicing Aquatic Conservation Together)

As a NAUI Green Diver, I will:
  • Promote environmental awareness and help others see how aquatic ecosystems interrelate and how human actions can disrupt or preserve them.
  • Practice and foster positive impact diving behavior and minimal impact water skills.
  • Model my own behavior to be true to this pledge, including proper disposal of refuse and not taking souvenirs or molesting aquatic life.
  • Help others fine-tune their water skills to minimize damage to aquatic life.
  • Promote aquatic conservation activities and continue my education through participation in such programs.
  • Look for opportunities to do little things that benefit the aquatic environment and share them with my fellow Green Divers so that together we can have a greater positive impact.
  • Use my Green Diver log to keep track of the refuse that I remove from aquatic environments.
  • Encourage others to become members of the Green Diver Initiative and strive to convince everyone to adopt the principles of green diving.
  • Choose service providers who participate in the Green Diver Initiative and display the Green Diver Initiative logo.

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