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Welcome to the NAUI Green Diver Locator page. This search tool is designed to help people who are interested in learning to dive locate a NAUI Green Diver conveniently close to them whether they are at home or on vacation. Start by putting in a postal code and then progressively widen the search by city, county, province, state, or country.

Search results are displayed in a grid in groups of ten with links to additional pages of grids appearing below. Clicking on a name launches a modular pop-up to send the Green Diver an email while protecting the Green Diver’s privacy and email address. On the right side of the grid is a link to the Green Diver’s personal page where they can post information.

The Google map feature displays location pins of Green Divers sharing a postal code while protecting their precise location. Zooming in and out does not trigger new search results, but can help determine the location of a particular postal code area relevant to the searchers location.

Find NAUI Green Divers. Enter a State, a city name, a postal code, or an address:

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