NAUI Board Of Directors Election

2014 NAUI Board of Directors Election

Frank Zeigler Frank Zeigler

NAUI #6411 
14 Townsend Street 
Portland VIC 3305 
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Frank is the CEO of Professional Divers Group which operates 3 shops and a commercial diving school that is growing and profitable, now expanding in Vanuatu.

He holds a range of tertiary qualifications including two Masters Degrees including a number of teaching qualifications. Frank comes from a law enforcement and diving background.

Frank served in local government (13 years) and served two terms as a Mayor. He was an inaugural NAUI Australia board member and saw NAUI Australia rise to prominence with more certifications than any other agency at the time. He served his term and did not seek reappointment because his skills and time were needed in his business. He later applied for, and served another term on the NAUI Australia Board and during this second term saw NAUI grow and mature to a high level of market share, very much the envy of other organisations. When NAUI was financially strong with outstanding governance, accountability and reputation, he left the board to return to his business with NAUI in good hands.

He served on many Boards over the past 20 years, including government and private companies including Chair of the Portland Eco Trust.

Professionally, a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management, a member of the Risk Management Institute, Australian Institute of Company Directors and Chartered professional Member of the Safety Institute of Australia. He chairs the Bravery Institute of Australia.

Frank was awarded the NAUI Outstanding Service Award 1994 (Australia) and attended over 29 ITC programs being a long standing Course Director.

Position Statement
I have successfully worked in the industry over the past 3 plus decades and presently employ 57 persons in the diving industry with 3 shops and 1 commercial diving school, (plus expansion into Vanuatu) all returning good profits and growth. I know how hard it is, and how successful you can be, in this industry.

I strongly believe a board must be strategic and leave tactics to management. A board must not try to row the boat, nor steer the boat but direct where its cargo is delivered, at what time and cost.

Simply, grow the NAUI label worldwide, increase market share, develop innovative products, and support our members whilst reducing costs wherever possible.

Locally, I have refreshed interest in NAUI specialty courses with great returns. Whilst not applicable to everyone, these programs have reinvigorated and enhanced the NAUI name and reputation. For example the NAUI Standard Dress Diving Program

NAUI has the potential to achieve many things; I am committed to widely consulting with members to obtain a realistic position for the organisation and then aggressively delivering that potential through a collegiate, accountable and productive board.

I bring an experienced, fresh, qualified and international commitment. Let’s get on with the job. Elect me and help me help to grow NAUI so we can all prosper!

Answers To The BOD Election Questions
1. Board governance is one of my specific strengths being involved in a number of boards over many years in the portfolios of Chair, Audit committee member, lead auditor, risk compliance chair, and Chair of People Committees at private board levels and as a part of government boards for state appointed enterprises. I will deliver openness, trust and accountability. I seek to direct international focus so that the board to look beyond the immediate needs and work towards growth internationally to insulate the global trends and maximise the differences where needed between financial home highs and lows. Stability in a board is gained by a good cross section of diversity of its members showing mutual respect and willingness to cooperate with one another. This is what I have consistently contributed to every board I have served on and continue to do so. The board must never forget it only obtains its powers from its members within the mandates provided by the members. The Board then works strategically to set and deliver strategy and to provide the policy to enable these to occur.

2. To obtain more qualified candidates we must grow not only the size of NAUI but the stature and public recognition of the ‘NAUI’ brand. Then, and only then, will people know what we are and want to join, we will then need to supply quality people to fill the needs of growth within the industry. In part, advertising through social media and being relevant to the public who want to learn how to dive, next, being the best we can to attract more divers to NAUI and finally respect and support our members with quality product to enhance the members we have and retain them into the future. I am from Australia and we have not been very well supported over the past number of years making the conduct of leadership programs possible to run. I have conducted the last instructor program in Australia and many others, but first we must reinvigorate the brand.

3. NAUI training programs must not fit one size for all but be based on sound educational principles supported by a range of delivery modes with quality materials and delivery means. I employ divers and run retail shops, so I ask people what they want – simply put - the flexibility in training delivery is the key as some students prefer a web based theoretical delivery mode and others do not.

NAUI must strengthen support its members in the field by providing state of the art training systems and allow the individual instructor members to deliver to their classes what works best for that class of individuals. We don’t want to be the mass produced product, we just want to be the best product of choice.

NAUI must innovate, culture, grow the new technologies, and be the path of least resistance into the sport with board direction to use the web as leaders through sound strategic planning based on member and customer input. By not knowing or delivering what our customers want as well as others do, is detrimental to our sport and our future.

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