NAUI Board Of Directors Election

2014 NAUI Board of Directors Election

Francis Linnehan Francis Linnehan

NAUI #4465 
4 Bonanza Rd. 
Chelmsford, MA 01824 
(978) 808-1286 
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While being an independent and store instructor since 1976 in the New England area, I staffed multiple NAUI ITCs & Crossover Courses that strengthen NAUI’s membership for the Northeast Territory. I had the opportunity to move to the Pacific Northwest and while in this territory from 1978 to mid 1981, I leveraged my NAUI experience to teach and certify new and experienced divers to safely enjoy all of what the Pacific Northwest territory had to offer. In addition to teaching new students, I was part of the NAUI team of seasoned leaders conducting NAUI Crossovers and leadership training courses that resulted in continued growth.

In 1981 I became part of the NAUI professional teaching staff at East Coast Divers in Massachusetts and acquired my USCG 100 Gross Ton Master Captain license. In 1984, I started Down Under Diving Ventures, Inc. My successful business is now in its 30th year and continues to support the New England diving community.

In addition for over 30 years as a dive business owner, I’ve held several director and senior management positions in the global high technology industry. I have both field and headquarter experience in customer services support and business development, marketing, strategic business planning, new product services development and implementation management. This experience has given me a unique skill set that I have leveraged to grow a business. I directly influenced and managed global product and service capabilities that enabled business growth by 45% while increasing customer satisfaction worldwide.

I hold certifications in Management of Sales and Services Operations, and Project Management from Boston College. My experience and credentials provide a foundation by which business practices and policies are designed, and produced and implemented to achieve overall objectives.

Position Statement
Dear NAUI Professional,

As a diving business owner and a NAUI Instructor and ITC staff professional, I am directly aware of what needs to be done to improve NAUI’s growth. I also have 29 years of Global High Tech industry experience. This can all be leveraged in the areas of, business planning, customer services, business process design, program management, and global market business awareness.

As a NAUI professional and business owner with the above skills and experience, and a NAUI BOD member, I will work diligently to;

VISION: NAUI is a Recognized Professional Global Dive Training Agency

MISSION: Grow, Lead and Elevate NAUI to the Industry Leader in Safe Dive Training
  • Create strategies, tools and capabilities that promote the NAUI Quality Difference.

  • Insure that our NAUI Standards and Procedures can facilitate NAUI growth.

  • Work with NAUI Retailers, Dive Destination businesses and Educational Facilities to ensure that we are providing the products and services that meet their needs.

  • Promote the use of technology and social media to enable stronger community involvement and awareness of NAUI.

  • Help grow the ranks of NAUI Course Directors and NAUI Instructors through a NAUI Mentoring Program.

  • Provide tools to our NAUI Professionals to create youth programs utilizing local civic centers.

  • Leverage eLearning technology to expand course offerings and blend eLearning tools with video conferencing hosted by local NAUI Retailers.

  • Advocate for Mastering diving skills by challenging students to strive to achieve a superior skill level, personal pride in achievement and self-confidence underwater.

As your “NAUI Advocate”, lets work together towards a successful NAUI future.

Contact info:
Cell Phone: 978-808-1286

Answers To The BOD Election Questions

1. I have experience as a business owner in the scuba industry and senior manager in a fortune 100 global high tech companies. The specific area(s) of board governance where my skills and experience will be especially helpful are:

Issue Analysis – To resolve complex issues and challenges in the best interest of NAUI members.

Business Planning & Cross Functional Teaming – To effectively engage the Board to tackle challenges and deploy new programs, initiatives and tools that impact NAUI members.

2. I’ve been involved in all levels of NAUI training programs, including ITC staffing from 1984 to 2014. A few immediate steps I would recommend to increase our NAUI membership is to:
    1. Engage Headquarters to create comprehensive marketing and support materials for Course Directors.
    2. Work with Territory Leaders to develop rewards and recognition programs for those course directors that produce more qualified NAUI Instructors.
    3. Create a NAUI University Model that enables dive stores and local universities to collaborate on combining educational techniques, tools and business practices that will result in a more effective NAUI Diving Professional.

3. Online or eLearning capabilities should be used as a tool, not a crutch. I’ve seen a tendency of other agencies using these online capabilities to increase student population. This is detrimental to local dive stores and independent instructors because online students take these eLearning courses and then go to a resort somewhere to do their open water work. These students have no personal involvement with instructors who would be able to help them to fully understand and demonstrate the skills necessary to complete the certification.

The design and deployment of eLearning tools can be done in a manner that connects NAUI Retailers and Instructors during the student eLearning registration process. NAUI Retailers must have the opportunity to provide students with equipment selection counseling and service, and introduce them to dive travel and activities to keep new divers active and motivated. Keeping divers active in the sport is a direct result of Professional NAUI Instructor guidance. As a member of the NAUI BOD I would,
    1. Form a committee to look at the design and deployment of each NAUI eLearning capability and courses.
    2. Identify key elements of eLearning that could bring positive results to NAUI’s growth while maintaining our High Quality of training.
    3. Determine how new students can directly connect to their local NAUI professional during the registration process.

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