NAUI Board Of Directors Election

2014 NAUI Board of Directors Election

Each year you, NAUI’s instructor members, have the opportunity and the responsibility to select those of your fellow members who will serve you on our Board of Directors. NAUI is unique among training agencies in this respect. You have a voice in your association and its future through our Board of Directors, whose members have been placed in their position of responsibility by your vote.

This year there are two seats to be filled, for full four year terms. There are 7 candidates standing for these positions and the two candidates receiving the most votes will be seated for four year terms.

All of the candidates are asked by the Election Committee to furnish a short biosketch and a brief position statement. The statements are published on NAUI's website, and with the ballots. This is your opportunity to educate yourself about your fellow members who are standing for membership on the Board.

The NAUI Board of Directors is your voice in establishing NAUI's policies and long range goals. Take this opportunity to inform yourself, and then vote for the candidates who you believe will be the best persons to work with our other Board members to guide our Association toward the future.

2014 Candidates for NAUI Board of Directors Election

Derik Crotts, NAUI 10943

Danny Grizzard, NAUI 3550

Jeffrey Hansler, NAUI 5843

Francis Linnehan, NAUI 4465

Michael Nadler, NAUI 10546

Chris Richardson, NAUI 17055

Frank Zeigler, NAUI 6411

We urge you to study all the information, acquaint yourself with the candidates and their positions, and vote for your considered choices. This year we are again using an on-line voting service and we will send out all the information you need to cast your vote on-line. Voting opens on Monday, November 3, 2014. Ballots must be cast no later than Friday, December 5, 2014 to be counted for this election.

In addition to election announcements sent by HQ, this year candidates will also be provided the opportunity to send their own campaign message to members. Hopefully this will help you become more knowledgeable about each candidate. Campaign messages sent by the candidates will be sent via a third party email service that has been contracted by NAUI HQ. If you prefer not to receive these emails from the individual candidates, you will have the opportunity to use an unsubscribe link provided by the third party vendor. Members who opt out will still receive member announcements from NSG. Please note that any opinions contained in these messages are those of the author and not given or endorsed by the National Association of Underwater Instructors or NAUI Services Group.

According to Article II, Section 1 of the NAUI Bylaws voting members includes all current active and sustaining instructor members. We encourage all such members to take the opportunity to become informed about each of the candidates and to cast a vote in the upcoming election In addition to the slate of candidates listed above, there are spaces on the ballot if you wish to vote for a write-in candidate. Your vote is extremely important and each voter will be able to cast a ballot for two people.

The newly-elected members will take office in January 2015 and will be formally introduced at the next scheduled NAUI Board of Directors meeting.

The candidates are asked to answer a set of three questions concerning NAUI. These questions are posed to them by the Elections Committee. The candidates' answers are published along with their statements on NAUI's website and in the ballot. Those questions are:

    1. In what specific area(s) of board governance do you believe your skills and experience will be especially helpful and what do you hope to contribute as a director?
    2. How many leadership and instructor development programs have you participated in or led during the last three years and what steps do you recommend to increase the number of qualified candidates for NAUI membership?
    3. Scuba training programs are becoming shorter and increasingly rely on technologies such as online learning. What is your view of the current state of scuba training, especially as it relates to the recruitment and retention of new divers and do you believe current practices have been beneficial or detrimental to our sport?

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