International Conference on Underwater Education

ICUE 2018, room Seaside 7: Engage with a variety of industry experts and professionals who will discuss challenges to maintaining and growing the popularity of our sport, approaches to teaching and learning, dive safety and leadership rescue training, new frontiers in diving technology, and more. Scuba Show attendees can access the ICUE seminars with the purchase of a daily or advance-purchase seminar package. Visit to purchase your seminar pass today! For specific ICUE location and details, visit

In 1969, NAUI launched the International Conference on Underwater Education (ICUE or simply IQ). The conference became a yearly diving event, predating the DEMA Show by several years. Divers and instructors from across the globe attended, and IQ became so popular that registration finally had to be limited. The location was usually a large hotel that could accommodate the crowds.

The overall purpose of the conferences was “making diving safer.” Each IQ lasted several days and were filled with presentations and seminars on all aspects of diving and the business of diving: the latest ideas and developments in educational theory and practice, diving sciences, equipment improvements, diving medicine, retailing and travel. Each year’s abstracts and papers were published in a volume of IQ proceedings.

Papers on topics such as emergency skills, first aid, teaching techniques, team teaching, physics and physiology, younger students and special-needs students, store/instructor ties, specialty diving (cave, ice, wreck, etc.) and diving hobbies were solicited and welcomed. In other words, the same areas that concerned them in the 1970s concern us today.

Historically, this event was regarded as the best educational experience available in the international diving community. The exhibit halls were always filled with booths displaying the wares and offerings of equipment manufacturers, retailers, travel vendors and resorts. An underwater photography contest and exhibit was always a popular attraction.

When the annual DEMA Show began in the late 1970s, it started to siphon off some of the attendance at IQ. It was difficult for most people to afford the time and expense to attend two such major events each year. The last IQ was held in 2000 and was sponsored by NAUI Asia Pacific in Kuala Lumpur.

Today, scuba is again in a period of change. New challenges to maintaining and growing the popularity of our sport, changing methods and approaches to teaching and learning, new frontiers in diving technology and techniques, including development and popularization of specialty diving fields, new marketing techniques and the use of media options need the attention of all of us.

For all these reasons, NAUI is revisiting and bringing back IQ with two days of presentations and seminars to be held in conjunction with the 2018 Scuba Show in Long Beach, California. IQ will consist of two full days of seminars on Saturday, June 23 and Sunday, June 24 in the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center, room Seaside 7. Stay tuned for updates on special events and making arrangements to attend. For event location details, visit

Set aside the dates of the Scuba Show on your calendar and plan to attend IQ 2018!

Scuba Show attendees can access the ICUE seminars with the purchase of a daily or advance-purchase seminar package. GET YOUR SEMINAR PASS TODAY!



As part of this year’s program, we have several events that will recognize the legacy and contributions made to scuba diving by Lloyd Bridges and the cast of Sea Hunt in honor of the show’s 60th Anniversary year.

June 22, 6PM: Dinner @ Nelson's Restaurant

To kick off the weekend’s festivities, NAUI will host a special dinner at Nelson’s Restaurant with honored guests Zale Parry* (NAUI A12) and Lucinda Bridges*. Lucinda was an integral part of Nelson's creation and providing the unique Sea Hunt memorabilia that fills the restaurant. 

Location: Terranea Resort, 100 Terranea Way, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275

California’s Nelson’s Restaurant is named in honor of Mike Nelson, the hero from the ‘Sea Hunt’ TV series (1958-61). The adventure show captivated audiences with the vast Pacific Ocean coastline serving as one of Sea Hunt’s filming locations. Just north of Los Angeles, at the former Marineland of the Pacific and now Terranea Resort, Nelson’s is situated near the bluff overlooking the craggy coast. The restaurant’s walls have entertaining posters from many of the episodes, all action-packed with the legendary Mike Nelson as the champion. Click here to Reserve Your Seat at the Sea Hunt Table!

Seating is limited and registration is required. For additional event and payment details, contact Shannon McCoy at +1 813-628-6284.

*See bio below.

June 23, 6PM: Scuba Show Reception, "Sea Hunt - 60 Years Later"

Represented by his daughter Lucinda, Lloyd Bridges will be posthumously recognized to receive the California Scuba Service Award for his contributions to the public's awareness for the oceans and to diving This reception is presented by the Scuba Show and hosted by Mark Young and will take place at the Aquarium of the Pacific (100 Aquarium Way, Long Beach, CA 90802). The party also serves as a fundraiser for “No Kid Hungry,” one of Bridges’ favorite charities.

June 24, 10AM: "Sea Hunt - 60 Years in 60 Minutes"

Join us for an intimate look behind the scenes of Sea Hunt as Zale Parry — American pioneer, scuba diver, underwater photographer and actress — provides a rolling commentary using a compilation of selected clips from the show.


The ICUE planning committee is currently seeking event sponsors. For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact Jack Snively at or +1 813-628-6284.



Zale Parry began scuba diving in the 1950s. In 1954, she set a deep diving record of 64 meters (209 feet). She attended the Los Angeles County Underwater Instructor Certification Course in 1955 and graduated as its third female instructor. In 1961, she became a NAUI member as NAUI A12.

In the television series Kingdom of the Sea (1954-1959), she starred as a diver and presented a concluding segment of each show on diving safety. In Sea Hunt (1958-1961), Parry was co-star with Lloyd Bridges in several episodes, a stunt double and a technical director. (She also taught Bridges how to dive.)

Her many recognitions include the NOGI Award (1973), DEMA Reaching Out Award (1993), Women Divers Hall of Fame (2000), NAUI Hall of Honor (2000), NAUI Ambassador of Scuba Diving Award (2010) and NAUI Lifetime Achievement Award (2017). In 2006, the Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences honored her by creating a scholarship in her name. The Zale Parry Scholarship is awarded annually to an outstanding young diver who is enrolled in an academic program or engaged in accredited fieldwork in undersea exploration, marine conservation, hyperbaric medical research or equipment technology. The scholarship’s goal is to encourage and enable future generations of divers to carry on her legacy.


Lucinda Bridges is the daughter of Lloyd and Dorothy Bridges and sister of Jeff and Beau Bridges. She is enthusiastic about joining ICUE as a special guest and plans to share captivating stories about the man we all knew and aspire to as deep sea adventurers.

"I did not do a Sea Hunt adventure with my father the week it was scheduled. I came down with a cold! Mom wouldn’t let me go seeing as I was 6 years old, and of course, the episode involved being trapped somewhere in the ocean. I did however have the joy of working with my father in other television series: The Lloyd Bridges Show and The Loner.

We also spent time in Summer Theater back East. While I enjoyed acting, I chose the 'family route' of homemaker, having three children. They’re now all grown up. My brothers and I were christened at the edge of the ocean so to speak, rolling in the surf with our parents.

We still have a family beach house in Malibu. We’ve had it since 1959 when there were only about 10 homes from point to point. The visibility was beautiful back then. I still live in Malibu, up in the mountains, and enjoy traveling (especially to islands!), making art, and keeping up with helping our planet during these challenging times."

IQ 2017 was held in conjunction with the Scuba Show in Long Beach, California, on May 6 & 7. After nearly two decades of silence, the International Conference on Underwater Education (ICUE) re-emerged at the Long Beach Scuba Show with a loud and definitive statement that NAUI’s commitment to quality education for divers has not diminished. Spread over three days, ICUE 2017 offered everything from a connection with diving legends to engaging and informative presentations spanning topics as diverse as diving in Antarctica and creating a culture of diving leadership that produces positive growth. Use the linked images below to get a recap of the weekend's events and access the IQ 2017 Proceedings. Images and posts can also be found on the official NAUI Facebook page and by searching "#IQ2017".