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Friday, July 27, 2012 at 12:37:00 PM

2012 Mini Season

Myself and a good friend deceided to go out hunting for lobsters on the the first day of mini season.  We booked a ride onboard the Blue Tang out of Jupiter, I have dove with the Blue Tang in the past and really enjoyed the Capt. and Crew.  The Blue Tang is a smaller vessel but they limit the number of divers to a max of 12 so you dont feel too cramped and you end up feeling like you have real personal service while onboard.  They offer bottled water and fresh pineapple between dives along with various other goodies while your onboard.

I'm pleased to say that they put us onto lobsters on both dives, we were in about 75 to 85' of water.  Conditions were great for bugging, visibility was around 70' or so when we first started but by the end of trip had dropped to around 40', and the water temp on the bottom was around 82 so it was a really relaxing dive.  Although we were finding some "bugs" most were just a little bit too short and some had eggs so they had to be released.  Lucky for me I did find a few keepers so I was allowed to return home at the end of the day (the wifes condition! No lobster dont come home. LOL). 

Any way it was a great day spent diving with some awesome divers and fresh lobster was brought home for dinner!

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