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Monday, August 20, 2012 at 12:37:00 AM

Welcome to my Aquatics Blog----Tony's Aquatics

I recently started teaching aquatics again as a scout leader.  Initially it was to teach the swimming merit badge to my son's patrol, then I became involved in the Council Aquatics Committee and SCUBA diving.  So I brushed up on my swimming and SCUBA teaching skills; became a BSA lifeguard; spent a whole lot of money on equipment and have set up shop with the goal of teaching swimming skills to Boy Scouts, Scout Leaders, Venturing Scouts and Leaders and like minded people. 

I believe you have to be a proficient swimmer to be a SCUBA diver, so I don't teach Boy Scouts unless they have achieved the swimming merit badge prior to SCUBA Instruction as it is stated in the SCUBA merit badge booklet and on the BSA website.   In addition, I teach the swimming and lifesaving merit badges, as well as teaching Cub Scouts the belt loop and pin and teaching the Aquanaut badge to Webelos Scouts.

My SCUBA class size is limited to 6 basic students, which is the number of Mares SCUBA units I have purchased and I have 2 additional sets of rebuilt units for advanced diver training.  My price is inclusive of all equipment, with the exception of wet suit or shorty used in the early spring and late Fall.  My students enroll in e-learning and I monitor their progress and update their water skills on the NAUI website.

I also teach Snorkel BSA and SCUBA BSA---the latter an introductory SCUBA experience that requires the Boy Scout to complete the BSA swim test prior to participation.  

I call what I do Tony's Aquatics---Tony was my 26 year old brother who died on Lake Ozette in Washington State when he accidently capsized a kayak.  He drowned and the other person in the kayak next to him could not help him.  They found his body several days later after dragging the lake.  I was 14 years old at the time.  

Tony's Aquatics is dedicated to water safety and rescue and to the memory of my brother, Clark Anton Babbitt, former New York Yankee minor league pitcher,  and good friend to many in Port Angeles, Washington.  I love and miss you Tony.   


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