Ed del Campo

NAUI Membership Expiration: 12/31/2016
NAUI Membership Status: Active

NAUI Member Email: ed@tropicscuba.com
NAUI Member Phone: 305-205-7829


Courses I Teach

  • Scuba Diver
  • Adv Scuba Diver
  • Scuba Rescue Diver
  • Adv Scuba Rescue
  • Master Scuba Diver
  • Jr Scuba Diver
  • Jr Advanced Diver
  • First Aid For Dive Professionals
  • AED, CPR, BBP, SFA, E-O2, Aquatic Injuries
  • CPR
  • Standard First Aid
  • Emergency O2
  • Blood-Borne Pathogens
  • Aquatic Injuries
  • AED
  • Jr Skindiver
  • Jr U/W Videography
  • Jr Night Diver
  • U/W Videography
  • Wreck Diver (External Survey)
  • Hunter & Collector
  • International Diver
  • Jr Underwater Archeologist
  • Jr Underwater Environment
  • Jr Underwater Photographer
  • Night Diver
  • Passport Diver
  • Deep Diver
  • Tandem Scuba Diver
  • Refresher Scuba
  • Search & Recovery Diver
  • Skin Diver
  • Training Assistant
  • Try Scuba Diving
  • U/W Ecologist - (Coral Reef)
  • U/W Environment

  • My NAUI Bio

    Tropic SCUBA is owned and operated by Ed del Campo, a NAUI dive professional for more than 25 years. Ed is a Certified NAUI SCUBA Instructor and holds the Instructor Trainer designation. He is a professional firefighter and paramedic, a USCG licensed boat captain, and a certified lifeguard.

    Ed provides customized training to experienced divers to advance their skills and improve their techniques, as well as beginners who are interested in trying SCUBA for the first time. He offers Dive Professional Development programs that progress from Scuba Diver, all the way to Instructor. He also offers expert dive guiding services with a concierge-style approach, anticipating a diver’s every need.

    Ed is committed to one essential principle: safety first, last and always, with each client, on every dive. The unique advantage of his firefighter and paramedic training, provides clients an extra level of confidence. “Safety and training are at the base of everything I do, every single day, whether as a firefighter / paramedic, or as a dive professional.” he says. “I believe all my divers benefit from that.”

    Your well-being is priceless. So is having Tropic SCUBA by your side.

    Contact us today by emailing ed@tropicscuba.com, or calling 305.205.7829



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