Daniel Millikovsky - NAUI Technical Course Director -

NAUI Membership Origination: 8/11/1998
NAUI Membership Expiration: 12/31/2016
NAUI Membership Status: Active

NAUI Member Email: info@argentinadiving.co
NAUI Member Phone: 542-374875179

Outstanding Service Award - 2015

Courses I Teach

  • Scuba Diver
  • Adv Scuba Diver
  • Scuba Rescue Diver
  • Adv Scuba Rescue
  • Master Scuba Diver
  • First Aid For Dive Professionals
  • AED, CPR, BBP, SFA, E-O2, Aquatic Injuries
  • CPR
  • Standard First Aid
  • Emergency O2
  • Blood-Borne Pathogens
  • Aquatic Injuries
  • AED
  • International Diver
  • U/W Videography
  • Wreck Diver (External Survey)
  • Decompression Techniques Diver
  • Heliair Diver
  • Helitrox Diver
  • Intro To Technical Diving
  • Technical EANx Diver
  • Technical Support Leader
  • Trimix I Diver
  • Trimix II Diver
  • Dry Suit Diver
  • Deep Diver
  • Intro To Technical Diving - Sidemount Diver
  • Refresher Scuba
  • Sidemount Diver
  • Technical Decompression Diver
  • CCR - Hollis Prism2 Diver
  • CCR - Hollis Prism2 Mixed Gas Diver
  • Trimix Diver
  • Single Cylinder Sidemount Diver
  • Search & Recovery Diver
  • Skin Diver
  • Training Assistant
  • Try Scuba Diving
  • U/W Ecologist - (Coral Reef)
  • U/W Ecologist - (Kelp Forest)
  • U/W Archeologist
  • U/W Ecologist
  • U/W Environment
  • U/W Photographer
  • Mixed Gas Blender/O2 Service Tech
  • Night Diver
  • Adaptive Scuba

  • My NAUI Bio

    Daniel Millikovsky - NAUI Technical Course Director # 30750, Born in Argentina. Diver since 1993 and NAUI Instructor since 1998. Became Instructor Trainer in 1999 and Course Director in 2000, being the first designation of this type with NAUI in his country. Moved to Mexico the same year and worked in the hyperbaric chamber of Cozumel as training director, and then had own operation since 2001 thru 2005 when he came back to Argentina.
    NAUITEC Trimix Instructor in 2004 and Trimix II Instructor in 2008. Owner since 2008 of Argentina Diving , the only NAUI Pro Platinum and NAUITEC Technical Training center in Argentina.
    Taught courses at instructor level in DEMA 1999 in New Orleans and at DEMA 2000 in Las vegas. Speaker in several conferences as , UHMS/DAN (Plaza las Glorias) in 2001 Cozumel, organized the conference in dive medicine and safety at Ensenada Baja California in 2004 ( CICESE), Salon del buceo en 2005 Buenos Aires, Argentina. Gave conference in 2008, and 2010 at the NAUI meeting in Sorocaba and Jundiai, Brasil, also in this two events taught technical courses like Intro to tech at diver level and assisted at Instructor level as well as Mixed gas blender technician. Gave conference in the NAUI Meeting at Jundiai, Brasil, August 2012, on the Importance of NTEC configuration for technical diving.
    At the moment leaves in Argentina where he teaches all the NAUI and NAUITEC courses at Diver and Instructor levels. Offers dive trips and has wholesale of dive gear. visit www.argentinadiving.com

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