NAUI Board Of Directors Election

2014 NAUI Board of Directors Election

Michael Nadler Michael Nadler

NAUI #10546 
5916 Callowhill Street 
Pittsburgh, PA 15206 
(412) 363-3483 
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Michael Nadler, NAUI #10546, has spent almost three decades diving, teaching, and running dive travel. He, with his wife, Brigette Nadler, NAUI #34859, own and operate Divehards International in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This is a personalized Scuba Training Company that teaches NAUI throughout the Pittsburgh Area, and beyond.

Following service in the NAVY in 1985, Mike took up Diving while attending the University of Pittsburgh, and instantly it became his obsession. Immediately assisting with classes, he worked his way up to Instructor by the end of 1987. He built a large following during the seven years with the store that certified him before going into business for himself.

Carnegie Mellon University was his first facility, quickly followed by CCAC and other locations, and over 15 years as the Diving Safety Officer at the Pittsburgh Zoo. Mike received his Course Directors’ while continuing to work with ITC’s in Florida in 2000, and he currently is an Adjunct Professor at Chatham University,

Travel is his main forte including every type of diving and locale. Divehards is slated to run a couple of International Trips in 2014, and many summer weekends.

Mike will bring other experience to the Board, as he served five years with a Fire Dept moving up to Lieutenant, followed by being the Training Director and Chief of Training & Development with Air Search Rescue (on duty for days during & following 911 in Shanksville, PA), and over ten years as past President/Board Member of the Highland Park Community Council until 2012.

Position Statement
I have been an active NAUI Instructor for twenty-plus years. That is my job, my identity, my passion !!! I built and currently own Divehards International, a Personalized Scuba Training Company, along with my wife, Brigette, NAUI # 34859, and this is what we do 24/7. I am involved in all phases of the Dive Store business, from the direct marketing of our courses through several local locations and Universities, the hands-on teaching of all our courses, sales, ordering, rentals, servicing, to running Training Dives and travel program around the world. This is who I am, and what I bring with me as a member of the NAUI board of Directors.

I am amazed how many divers that we run across in our travels who love our diver’s abilities and attitude, but have not heard of NAUI. I am most frustrated when setting up customer’s travels, or students needing Certification, that there are no NAUI people to whom I can refer them. I wish to work with the NAUI Board to get the NAUI brand back out there. I have experience from being on the Board of the Highland Park Community Council and the Diver Safety Board at the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium, thus am very used to working with other’s schedules and time commitments to get projects to their goals. That passion is what I wish to bring to the NAUI BOD to pass on to Dive Stores, Training Facilities and Instructors to continuing the growth and expansion of NAUI.

Answers To The BOD Election Questions
1. My personal expertise might fit in to help the NAUI Board in the following areas:
  • University Dive Program Director
  • Dive Destination Business
  • Non-profit Business Operations

These are three of the six areas that the Election Committee asked the Nominee’s about their experience to help the Board. I moved up from assisting in the Teaching of the Undergrad, as well as Adult Continuing Educational Courses, to the coordination of the University of Pittsburgh Scuba Program. I used that knowledge and ability to set up and run Programs at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) for five years, Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) for 13 years, and I am currently running the Chatham University’s Scuba Program as an Adjunct Professor for the accredited courses for the past seven years. With our running up to seven International Trips a year, along with where we have taught our classes, it seems like a natural fit with both these Board needs. My time on the Board, and as an Officer of the Highland Park Community Council, as well as on the Diver Safety Board at the Pittsburgh Zoo, has made me more able to understand other people’s needs, both politically, as well as personally, so we can get the goal accomplished.
2. Living in a “Seasonal” inland diving location in Western Pennsylvania, we are definitely hampered in keeping people involved in diving year round. I have joined with other NAUI Instructors working to grow classes, like our next Rescue Class, and just last Spring/Summer helped run a four-weekend ITC as the Training Director held at another NAUI Facility. This past fall, I also completed a Provisional for a Candidate, in part by having her co-teach at Chatham University. We involve the student, cultivate their interests, and hopefully move them up through Leadership, as this will grow our business and therefore NAUI. By contacting customers with any information, diving or not, just to stay in touch, this has lead two of our divers just this year to go on in completing their Instructor’s Certifications where they live. Better experiences lead to better candidates.
3. We have never taught “the shortened course”, and have begun using the on-line systems differently to allow us to conduct Private/Semi-Private Courses more quickly, while including everything I want in a course. I feel the on-line course is taking away from the direct interaction between Instructor and Student, one of the primary ways to draw a student in to continuing education, travel, and again hopefully leadership. On the positive, it allows us to focus with the time that we have on the skills and comfort level that we wish our students to display. The benefit of teaching NAUI with the on-line systems is it lets us expand, or shorten, to meet our customer’s needs. We can offer more flexibility in how a student wishes to take our course, such as the Private/Semi-Private Courses, but still conduct a basically longer Course, which is how we teach in the University setting.

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