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Tom Thornton 

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Where my Green Activities are?

Why I Am A NAUI Green Diver

I have been diving sense 1962 and have seen many BAD changes in the over all ocean environment. Plastic trash in everywhere. Especially in some remote Hawaiian Island like French Frigate Reef home of the Monk Seals.

My Bio

Been snorkling sense he age of 14 and startd scuba diving at he age of 18 in 1966. Became a diving instrutor in 1969 thru 1975. Became a Navy Diver in 1975 and dove for the Navy thru 1995. Still diving.

You Tube Videos


KEEP TRASH OFF THE BEACHWylandBlueMarlin 20Apr2013
DiverLookinWyland and Tom at Coral Reef Restoration Gala 20Apr2013PICT0069
LidoBC2May2013 002Lido Beach Sarasota, FL Hermit Crab checking out the beachTom and Wyland.  With Ink Drawing

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