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Grab your camera and hit the water because we want to see you be a "Trashy Diver!"

Roddenberry Adventures in partnership with NAUI Green Diver Initiative and sponsored by TUSA, Blue Steel Scuba, Intova, Tovatec, and Vivid-Pix present the 4th annual Trashy Diver Contest. We are challenging all outdoor enthusiasts, scuba divers, beach combers, and water lovers alike to collect trash from any aquatic environment, above or below the water, and photograph the results. You could win one of our great monthly prizes or amazing Grand Prizes, including a free scuba gear set!

The Trashy Diver Contest raises awareness about the issue of pollution in our local waterways. We encourage you to be a “Trashy Diver” and help us keep our beaches, shorelines, lakes, rivers, creeks, and oceans healthy and clean for future generations to use and enjoy.

How can you win?
It's easy! Just follow these steps:

    1. Go to any aquatic environment (ocean, beach, lake, pond, river, etc.)
    2. Collect and remove or recycle any trash that you see
    3. Take a photo(s) of the trash you collect (with or without you in the shot)
    4. Send your photo(s) to


Each photo you submit counts as a single entry into the Trashy Diver Contest and means you are automatically entered to win one of our awesome prizes! However, multiple photos of the same piece or pile of trash will only count as one entry.


The contest begins on June 2, 2014 and ends on November 30, 2014.

Contest Prizes:

Two Monthly Prize Winners: (June through Novermber)

  • Winner for the "Most Amount of Trash" photo: TUSA Mask, Fins, and Snorkel Set
    (Winner’s choice of women’s or men’s set)
    Women’s Hot Pink Freedom One mask M-211, SP-0101 dry snorkel, SF-22 Solla fins
    Men’s Fishtail Blue Freedom HD mask M-1001, SP-0101 dry snorkel, SF-22 Solla fins
  • Winner for the "Most Unique Piece of Trash" photo: Vivid-Pix Software and Tovatec Torch
    Vivid-Pix Picture-Fix Software Package
    Tovatec IFL 660-R Rechargeable torch

Grand Prize Winners: (Announced by December 15, 2014)

  •  Winner for the overall "Most Unique Piece of Trash" photo: The Original Series Star Trek Phaser II Prop
  •   Winner for the overall "Most Amount of Trash" photo: DiveQuest Dive at The Seas at Epcot® in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida
  • Grand Prize Winner: Complete TUSA Scuba Gear Set with Blue Steel Scuba Steel Tank and Intova Sport HD II Camera
    TUSA Scuba Gear set includes one of each: Mask, Snorkel, Fins, BC, Gauge Console, Regulator, Gear Bag plus Waterproof brand Boots, Gloves, and Wetsuit.
    Blue Steel Scuba Faber 100 CF Steel Cylinder FX100DVB, HP 3442 PSI with DIN/Yoke valve and Tank Boot
    Intova Sport HD II Waterproof Video Camera

All complete entries are eligible for the three grand prizes. The more entries you submit, the greater your chances of winning the randomly selected Grand Prize of a free scuba gear set with a steel tank and waterproof video sports camera!

Prize Sponsors:



To win one of these incredible prizes, send your submission to today!

Click here for Trashy Diver Contest Forms, Submission Rules, Eligibility, Terms and Conditions!

Example Photos:


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