Are you ready for the fun and adventure of scuba diving? You've come to the best place to discover how to explore the underwater world.

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Since 1959, Instructor members of the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI Worldwide), the most respected certification agency, have been training people just like you to be the best skin and scuba divers in the world!

At NAUI Worldwide, our years of experience have shown us that thorough training is the key to a successful diving experience. Diving can lead to adventures ranging from an enjoyable vacation activity to an exciting lifetime profession.

Explore the underwater world; start diving today!

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Choosing NAUI training means you're not satisfied with anything less than the best. We appreciate your choice, and we are absolutely dedicated to ensuring you are trained in a program tailored to your specific needs; a NAUI-sanctioned course that incorporates the best blend of time-proven and progressive training methods.

"Just a fantastic course, had a great time!"

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Learning to be a NAUI diver is an adventure all in itself! Grab a friend and start today with a NAUI educational system from your local NAUI Dive Center. Join the millions of others who discovered NAUI scuba diving and changed their lives forever.

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