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The 2012 Standards and Policies Manual is Now Available!
The new NAUI Standards and Policies Manual has arrived and is ready for purchase! The item numbers have remained unchanged: item #12902 for the Standards and Policies Manual, item #90015 for the Member Deluxe S&P Logbook, and item #92902 for the S&P/Risk Management in Organizer Binder.
Electronic versions, PDF, eBook, etc. are not available at this time and are not anticipated in the near future. Effective document security, intellectual property protection, and digital rights management are not currently effective to offer this format.
For those members whose service center is NAUI Headquarters, please visit the eBusiness Center to order yours today!
Members whose service centers are not HQ may not be able to purchase the S&P for a few weeks. Please watch for an announcement from your service center stating that they are available for purchase.

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