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NAUI Board of Directors Election Results

For more than 50 years – NAUI Worldwide remains a true membership association. Our standards, policies, and ethics are governed by the Association’s Board of Directors, members themselves, who are elected through a democratic election process – each instructor member gets a vote in their association.

NAUI would like to announce the results of the 2012 Board of Directors Election.

Candidate                 Votes                   

Lonnie Sharp              309
Tom Hemphill            293     
Debra Greenhalgh      252                        
Jean-Marc Claes         242                        
Ken Charlesworth      204                        
Jeff Heim                   169                        
Wieslaw Kantor         169                        
Michael Nadler          127                        
Michael Feld              125                          


Congratulations to our new Board Members Lonnie Sharp, NAUI #18314 and Tom Hemphill, NAUI #2491! We thank them for their service and dedication to the success of NAUI Worldwide and its members.

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2013 Board of Directors Election. To be considered, all nominations must be received by the Election Coordinator at NAUI HQ no later than April 30, 2013 and include as much contact information as possible for the nominee and the nominator.

Please send your nominations via email to or by mail to: Election Coordinator, NAUI Worldwide, PO Box 89789, Tampa, FL 33689-0413 or by fax to 1.813.628.8253.

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